Hear This by deadman is playing on the incredibly cool Skope magazine radio station. Skope mag is all about diverse musical coverage for the digital age.

Check it out here!

Thanks to the guys at Skope for selecting Hear This and playing it on their radio!

Hear This is a song from deadman’s debut album – called simply Deadman – and you can also listen to it on our site

Here are the lyrics to the song – we’d love to know what you think it means.

You came here uninvited
So painfully undecided
But you, you wouldn’t be here if you
Didn’t like it
So now you’re at a loss
And no one gives a toss
So you might as well just get down from your cross

You’re treated so unfairly
And now you can’t repair it so you
You come whining to me so I can share it
But why can’t you admit
You’re a lying hypocrite
Just put down your guitar
You pretentious little prick

Cos I don’t wanna hear this anymore
Cos we’ve all been there and it’s all been said before

Skope magazine radio station played Hear This by deadman