Check out somee deadman lyrics. This is the opening track from our debut album. We proudly present Without Me You’re Nothing.

Listen to the song at the same time as reading the words..

You still believe that you’ll never come down
And you’ll always be here and you’ll never slow down
It’s all so easy and you’re so profound
But you’ll still bleed when you hit the ground

This day will feel like yesterday
Your childhood dreams will be stripped away
Your futile anguish and your foolish grin
Your fucked up friendships are just piss in the wind

And you’re still dreaming
Without me you’re nothing
Without me you’re nothing
Without me you’re…

I’m the silence behind the incessant noise
I’m the violence inside your depressing voice
I’m the book your wish you could never close
I’m the living proof of your emperor’s new clothes

You want the spring without the winter
You want the saint without the sinner
You want the love without the pain
You want the glory but not the blame

This is the sound of a deadman’s voice
This is the eye of a deadman’s stare
This is the shirt off a deadman’s back
This is the itch only death can scratch