RRR Club 2012

Some deadman photos from our show at RRR Club, Madrid, on August 31 2012. We played with Foo from Lleida.

III Festival Gruposmadrid @ Gruta 77 – Fotos oficiales!

Dave from deadman & Dani from Dawn2Dusk

Fotos del III Festival Gruposmadrid en Gruta 77. Nos lo pasamnos genial como se puede apreciar en las fotos oficiales de Alex.

Se puede encontrar Mas info sobre Alex aqui

Gracias tambien a Leturiaga por ser sponsor oficial del festival (y por el bono!)

Gruta 77 – III Festival

Steve @ Gruta 77

Thanks to Swamp for the photos! And to for inviting us to play in the festival. It was a great night with 6 amazing bands from the Madrid underground – in one of Madrid’s best venues: Gruta 77.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Club

Dave - RRR Club

Photos by RRR Club.


Jello Biafra

Some heroes we’ve shot.

Corleone Estudio

Deadman recored the debut album at Corleone Estudio, Madrid

Deadman in Corleone Estudio. We recorded our debut album at Corleone Estudio, with Jaime Zamora (ex-Tarzan drummer and sound engineer with Habeus Corpus and Gruta 77) at the controls. Here you can see a few photos from the recording sessions of the album.

We’d recommend Jaime and his studio to anyone. He did top rate professional work and really got the band’s sound right.

Check out Jaime’s studio!

(And thanks for mentioning Deadman in the artists list!)

Deadman recored the debut album at Corleone Estudio, Madrid


III Festival

Assorted flyers from deadman gigs.

El Perro


Gruta 77

Photos from a deadman rehearsal by Marc de Cock.