Listen to the deadman concert at RRR Club!

You want a deadman concert? Well then, here’s a full recording of the deadman concert in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Club. It rocks, big time!

The setlist for this deadman concert was: Hear This / Seropram Summer / Looking Away / Let It All Go / Anyway / You Know It’s You / Without Me You’re Nothing / Gorgeous Waste Of Time / Walking Out The Door / Out Of My Head

Deadman was supported by Dawn2Dusk in for this concert.

The concert was recorded on a ZoomH1 portable digital recorder.

Look out for new deadman concerts and recordings – coming here soon!

Deadman is back!

Violet June + Deadman @ El Perro club, 18 June 2011

Violet June + Deadman @ El Perro club, 18 June 2011

After a year of silence we’ll be playing our first gig for, well, a year – Saturday 18 June at El Perro club in Madrid. We’ll be playing a bunch of new deadman songs – and don’t worry we’re still as dark as ever – and giving away free copies of our debut album on CD.

Check the shows section for more details!

Hope to see you there!