Deadman review: “Acid, brutal lyrics and powerful, aggressive sound”

Vents magazine, in an all-new deadman review, had this to say about our song, Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “There’s no time to relax, it begins with acid, brutal lyrics and powerful, energetic, aggressive sound that match perfectly with the lyrics and band attitude.”

It goes on to say: “Gorgeous Waste Of Time by Deadman is everything but boring. It has an amazing, powerful sound that knocks you out from the beginning. Then there are the well-written lyrics that all together makes this the perfect song probably for any occasion.”

Thanks for the kind words!

Deadman review – “Walking on the edge can be beautiful at times!”

Check out this new deadman review from the Indie Band Guru website under the title “Deadman – Dark Melodious Rock Does Exist In Spain”.

According to the review, our debut CD is “a dark album with everything from crushing guitar tones, to deeply personal lyrics, to a rhythm section that pulls you along almost hypnotically.”

Keith Pro, the reviewer, goes on to say that our songs “sound as if they are ready to fall off the cliff into a rage at any moment.” He adds that they are “very relatable even if you would never personally have the balls to express these feelings for yourself.”

Thanks Keith and Indie Band Guru – we reckon you’ve hit the nail right on the head there!

Deadman review – “awesome riffage”

Here’s what The Kali Diaries had to say about our debut album in a deadman review:

Without Me You’re Nothing: “It’s angst times ten. It’s black and bleak. The guitars are a wall of sound undercut by some steady beats.”
Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “a slow burn that needles into your brain. This track should be a staple on college radio stations.”
Hear This: “an instant hit for the DJ in your brain!”
Walking Out The Door: “rainy Thursday sad!”
Mantelpiece: “rip your hair out spill your blood running barefoot down the road in the rain angst.”

And that’s just a bit of it! All in all, a great deadman review!

You can read the full review in The Kali Diaries blog!

Deadman review – “powerful, emotional and melodic”

Check out this new deadman review in R&R World!

They talk about our first album and say that our music is “powerful, emotional and melodic”.

Thanks for that, R&R World!

Deadman review – Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “Quiet desolation”

Another deadman review:

From the romantic Madrid, Spain Deadman emerges. Steve channels a quiet desolation with his voice that draws the listener into his world of crestfallen love lost. Deadman’s track Gorgeous Waste of Time is waver music married to angst ridden American pop. This track takes me back to the early 80s – almost but not quite totally unlike the Manchester scene. This track should be a staple on college radio stations.

Thanks to Victoria Anderson from The Kali Diaries for the cool review. Watch out for an interview soon!

Deadman review: walking through moody territory

Check out this new deadman review in the Independent Music Promotions blog.

They talk about our debut album, saying that “…all the performances are engaging, edgy and catchy.”

Also that “Deadman shows great potential to evolve within and around the solid mood rock framework they’ve set up for themselves.”

And finally: “Forgetting about genre completely, here’s the point. There is talent here.”

But there’s a lot more than that. Have a look at the full review!

Deadman review – “I love this group!” Laura Thornton, Rockstar Social Media

Here’s a new deadman review from Laura Thronton of Rockstar Social Media.

On Mantelpiece she said: “I really enjoy your music! It’s like you went into my life and wrote music from my soul. Where can I get a hard copy? This track is so mellow but hits you so hard. Definitely a new fave!”

Thanks for the kind words, Laura. It’s a cool deadman review!

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Deadman en Rock Estatal 13

Deadman @ Rock Estatal 13

La revista Rock Estatal publico una critica del primer disco de deadman (en el numero 13 – no mala suerte para nosotros!).

Dicen que la canción ‘Out Of My Head’ tiene “hipnóticas cadencias rítmitcas y seductoras armonías vocales bendecidas por el don supremo de la inspiración…”

Apuntan tambien a posibles influencias de nuestro grupo – algunos reales (Pixies, Placebo, Sonic Youth) y algunos falsos (Interpol, Editors).

Haz click en la imágen para ver la critica de deadman más grande!

Deadman @ Rock Estatal 13

Deadman review in Rock Estatal 13

Hear This: “Incredibly Catchy!”

Makes you want to bob your head and tap your foot.

Laura Thornton of Review Box had this to say about our song Hear This:

“Very strong quality and catchy beats. Makes you want to bob your head and tap your foot. Almost has that David Bowie resemblance. Automatically left me wanting more.”

Deadman review: “gritty, electric, full of energy, and full of hell”

Here’s a new deadman review. According to Music Worth Reviewing: “Dead Man is gritty, electric, full of energy, and full of hell. But the good kind. Their drummer is hot, their vocalist is passionate, their guitarist is crunchy, and they have every ingredient that makes for a solid rock band.”

Thanks to Bobby Chief Editor at Music Worth Reviewing for taking the time to listen to the band and write a deadman review.