Deadman critica: “…para despertar nuestra parte reflexiva…”

El blog musical Extraterraria ha publicado un nuevo articulo sobre deadman donde dice que deadman es “para sacarnos de esa linde y enseñarnos nuevos caminos hacia la música y hacia la vida.”

Es una deadman critica bastante interesante, la verdad. Habla sobre algunas canciones como Walking Out The Door (“estrofas que son sostenidas por contundentes acordes”), Hear This (“un calado algo más esperanzador”) y Seropram Summer (“estribillos coreados y de corte algo más popular”).

Segun el articulo, deadman es “guitarras eléctricas cargadas de distorsión, baterías contundentes y bajos detonadores.”

Se puede leer la critica entera aqui!

Extraterraria es un lugar para promocionar Bandas Emergentes, para dar a conocer su música desconocida y poco comercial al mundo.

Deadman video – Walking Out The Door (live)

Here’s another deadman video – from our show at I Festival in Sala Alive Madrid in Alcorcon.

It’s another song from our debut album, Walking Out The Door.

Hope you enjoy the video! And check out the lyrics here!

Check out some other videos on the deadman YouTube channel.

Deadman review: “Acid, brutal lyrics and powerful, aggressive sound”

Vents magazine, in an all-new deadman review, had this to say about our song, Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “There’s no time to relax, it begins with acid, brutal lyrics and powerful, energetic, aggressive sound that match perfectly with the lyrics and band attitude.”

It goes on to say: “Gorgeous Waste Of Time by Deadman is everything but boring. It has an amazing, powerful sound that knocks you out from the beginning. Then there are the well-written lyrics that all together makes this the perfect song probably for any occasion.”

Thanks for the kind words!

Deadman review – “Walking on the edge can be beautiful at times!”

Check out this new deadman review from the Indie Band Guru website under the title “Deadman – Dark Melodious Rock Does Exist In Spain”.

According to the review, our debut CD is “a dark album with everything from crushing guitar tones, to deeply personal lyrics, to a rhythm section that pulls you along almost hypnotically.”

Keith Pro, the reviewer, goes on to say that our songs “sound as if they are ready to fall off the cliff into a rage at any moment.” He adds that they are “very relatable even if you would never personally have the balls to express these feelings for yourself.”

Thanks Keith and Indie Band Guru – we reckon you’ve hit the nail right on the head there!

Deadman video – Out Of My Head (live)

Here’s another live deadman video from our performance at the I Festival at Sala Alive Madrid in Alcorcon.

While you’re watching, have a look at the lyrics to the song.

Deadman video – You Know It’s You (live)

Check out this deadman video – You Know It’s You – live at the II Festival in Sala Alive Madrid in Alcorcon.

Thanks to for inviting us to play in the festival and watch this space for more videos from our set!

Deadman on NBTMusicRadio

Songs from the deadman debut album are being played in rotation on NBTMusicRadio.

According to Martin from the station, the songs are spread them ALL over the NBTMusicRadio 24 hr stream and are also concentrated at 8PM Berlin Time (7 PM Uk 2 PM New York) AND 11 PM Berlin Time (10 PM UK 5 PM New York).

Please listen and support all the other independent/unsigned artists the station plays, who as we prove everyday, can feature next to a well known star and be just as good (most times BETTER) creatively and production wise.

More to come on the blog and NBT Review Page.

Deadman entrevista: los muertos caminan entre nosotros

Gracias a Dani, de El Oido del Mundo, por la ultima entrevista de deadman que se puede leer aqui

Entre otras cosas nos preguntan de donde viene el proyecto, porque pensamos que hacer rock es peligroso y porque ponemos nuestro tema mas envolvente como el ultimo del disco. Una entrevista muy interesante, la verdad, con preguntas que nos hacen pensar!

Y se puede descargar un tema nuestro gratis!

Gracias de nuevo a Dani y El Oido Del Mundo para la deadman entrevista!

Deadman lyrics – Walking Out The Door

Track 6 from our debut album is called Walking Out The Door – one of the last songs we wrote for the album.

Here are some more deadman lyrics, so enjoy! (Walking Out The Door)

I won’t blame you
And I won’t hate you

This is all you wanted
All you ever wanted
Now I’m just impressed you can pretend
You know you said too much and you forget too much
And now there’s nothing left you can defend

You’ll be calling out my name
Broken hearted or insane
You’ll be calling out, calling out
As you’re walking out the door babe

Deadman review – “awesome riffage”

Here’s what The Kali Diaries had to say about our debut album in a deadman review:

Without Me You’re Nothing: “It’s angst times ten. It’s black and bleak. The guitars are a wall of sound undercut by some steady beats.”
Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “a slow burn that needles into your brain. This track should be a staple on college radio stations.”
Hear This: “an instant hit for the DJ in your brain!”
Walking Out The Door: “rainy Thursday sad!”
Mantelpiece: “rip your hair out spill your blood running barefoot down the road in the rain angst.”

And that’s just a bit of it! All in all, a great deadman review!

You can read the full review in The Kali Diaries blog!