Deadman review – “powerful, emotional and melodic”

Check out this new deadman review in R&R World!

They talk about our first album and say that our music is “powerful, emotional and melodic”.

Thanks for that, R&R World!

Deadman review – Gorgeous Waste Of Time: “Quiet desolation”

Another deadman review:

From the romantic Madrid, Spain Deadman emerges. Steve channels a quiet desolation with his voice that draws the listener into his world of crestfallen love lost. Deadman’s track Gorgeous Waste of Time is waver music married to angst ridden American pop. This track takes me back to the early 80s – almost but not quite totally unlike the Manchester scene. This track should be a staple on college radio stations.

Thanks to Victoria Anderson from The Kali Diaries for the cool review. Watch out for an interview soon!

Deadman lyrics – Hear This

Now it’s time for deadman lyrics for the middle song on the album, Hear This. This is possibly the most danceable track we’ve made so why not Hear This whilst reading the deadman lyrics for Hear This?

You came here uninvited
So painfully undecided
But you, you wouldn’t be here if you
Didn’t like it
So now you’re at a loss
And no one gives a toss
So you might as well just get down from your cross

You’re treated so unfairly
And now you can’t repair it so you
You come whining to me so I can share it
But why can’t you admit
You’re a lying hypocrite
Just put down your guitar
You pretentious little prick

Cos I don’t wanna hear this anymore
Cos we’ve all been there and it’s all been said before

Deadman lyrics – Out Of My Head

Quieres ver más deadman lyrics? Do you want to see more deadman lyrics?

Puedes escuchar Out Of My Head mientras lees la letra. You can listen to the song whilst you read the lyrics!

Out Of My Head

Out Of My Head
I keep reminding myself
It’s all in my head
Yeah I know it’s all over
It’s all my head

Yeah I know it’s all over
It’s all my head

And desire brings me nothing at all
But the lie still keeps me warm,
And desire brings me nothing at all
And I try not to think anymore

I can’t get your song
Out of my head
Till I’m well and truly
Out of my head

I can’t get your song
Out of my head

Deadman lyrics – Hating

Time for some more deadman lyrics! Here are the words to the third song on our debut album, Hating.

Why not have a listen to Hating whilst you read these deadman lyrics?

And let us know what you think!

And I look into your eyes and I see
It’s all just looking back at me
All the years of hating

Two steps forward and three steps back
We’ve been here putting up with all your crap
All the years
All the years

Now you’re looking for a way out
You’ve got nothing left to prove
Now you’re looking for a way out
You’ve got nothing left to lose

Tell me why you piss on everything that’s good
Complaining that people always misunderstood
All the years of faking

Yeah a good attack can be your best defence
But the pain never heals and the chain never ends
All the years
All the years

Deadman interview in Rising Magazine December 2011

Check out the cool deadman interview in the latest edition of Rising magazine.

There are also some previously unseen photos of the band!

In this deadman interview we’re asked, among other things, what inspires us, what annoys us and how we plan to take over the world.

There’s also a link to a free download of a deadman song – another reason to check out the deadman interview in Rising magazine.

Rising is a monthly online magazine dedicated to showcasing independent musicians worldwide. They try to capture the heart and personality of the artists through photos and interviews.

We’d like to thank Rising mag for choosing to run a deadman interview.

Deadman lyrics – Gorgeous Waste Of Time

Last week we published deadman lyrics for the opening song on our debut album. Now it’s the turn of track 2 – Gorgeous Waste Of Time.

Have a listen to Gorgeous Waste Of Time whilst you read.

You’re such a divine, wonderful gorgeous waste of time
Some kind of toxic inhalation gloriously overtaken
Sweet and so sublime

You said you needed time and you still believe I lied
So I will take all this humiliation
Trapped alive for entertainment
Burning at the stake while you decide

And I will stay waiting here
Cos you said you’d call
And I will stay waiting here
Cos you said you’d call

And you’re afraid
You’d be wounded or betrayed
So you threw it all away
All away

You’re such a divine, wonderful gorgeous waste of time

Deadman review: walking through moody territory

Check out this new deadman review in the Independent Music Promotions blog.

They talk about our debut album, saying that “…all the performances are engaging, edgy and catchy.”

Also that “Deadman shows great potential to evolve within and around the solid mood rock framework they’ve set up for themselves.”

And finally: “Forgetting about genre completely, here’s the point. There is talent here.”

But there’s a lot more than that. Have a look at the full review!

Deadman lyrics – Without Me You’re Nothing

Check out somee deadman lyrics. This is the opening track from our debut album. We proudly present Without Me You’re Nothing.

Listen to the song at the same time as reading the words..

You still believe that you’ll never come down
And you’ll always be here and you’ll never slow down
It’s all so easy and you’re so profound
But you’ll still bleed when you hit the ground

This day will feel like yesterday
Your childhood dreams will be stripped away
Your futile anguish and your foolish grin
Your fucked up friendships are just piss in the wind

And you’re still dreaming
Without me you’re nothing
Without me you’re nothing
Without me you’re…

I’m the silence behind the incessant noise
I’m the violence inside your depressing voice
I’m the book your wish you could never close
I’m the living proof of your emperor’s new clothes

You want the spring without the winter
You want the saint without the sinner
You want the love without the pain
You want the glory but not the blame

This is the sound of a deadman’s voice
This is the eye of a deadman’s stare
This is the shirt off a deadman’s back
This is the itch only death can scratch

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